An interdisciplinary forum for research, development & implementation of sustainable energy systems


  • Michael Narodoslawsky, Graz University of Technology

Managing Editor

  • Dagmar Fiedler, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ

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Energy, Sustainability and Society is published in cooperation with European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (ESEIA) and principal investigators of Helmholtz Gemeinschaft.

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Aims & scope


The economic, social and cultural development of human society is highly dependent upon a consistent supply of energy. Sustainable development is therefore only possible, if our society attempts to find and implement environmentally compatible, socially acceptable and economically viable means to acquire its energy services. This challenge requires systemic and holistic innovations that include a sustainable supply of resources, the development of highly efficient technical solutions and the adaptation of energy systems to the environmental, economical and cultural context as well as the social and political framework to enable sustainable energy systems to be implemented for the welfare of mankind.

The aim of the new journal is to provide an international and interdisciplinary forum for the discourse between natural scientists, engineers, social & political scientists as well as experts from industry who drive the innovation of sustainable energy systems. It is the particular aim of this journal to publish articles extending across different disciplines and providing a substantial contribution to the holistic innovation of these energy systems.

In line with the goal of this journal to offer an interdisciplinary forum of discourse for systemic energy innovation, the scope of the journal encompasses the whole innovation process ranging from scientific research to innovative approaches for technology implementation and the analysis of economic, social and environmental impacts of sustainable energy systems. Main emphasis will be placed on articles addressing complex issues with innovation potential at the interface between technical solutions, their implementation and their social, environmental and economic impacts.


"Energy is one of the most important resources for the sustainable development of mankind. We all are responsible for the economical usage of the available and for the search for novel energy sources which have to be environmentally friendly and economically feasible. In light of the tragic events at Japan's tsunami-crippled nuclear plant Fukushima there has never been a better time for launching a new multidisciplinary, international SpringerOpen journal that particularly welcomes articles from the field of novel energies
  •  addressing complex issues with innovation potential at the interface of science, environment, technology and society,
  •  concentrating on technological breakthroughs and major innovations in the emerging field of energy,
  •  integrating environmental and social needs with future economics,
  •  and dealing with environmentally friendly energies rather than focusing solely on renewable energies".

Michael Narodoslawsky
University of Graz
Graz, Austria

Managing Editor
Dagmar Fiedler
UFZ - Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
Leipzig, Germany

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